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My name is Courtney. First, I want to say to those reading: know that you are not alone, and that through pain comes life. If I can make it, then so will you. I’ve always dreamed big, wanting to make something of my life, and deeply cared about people. For nearly a decade, I have been a serial entrepreneur who chased money HARD, emotionally and spiritually bankrupting myself in the process.

As a kid, I always felt like the dumbest person in the class. Reading was a major challenge for me.

I couldn’t comprehend and read out loud what I saw in books. It was through the study of languages, primarily Latin, that I began to feel academically secure.



Courtney Jordan feeds and clothes the homeless at an event hosted by the Courtney Jordan Foundation

When I was 14, the death of my sister weakened me. When I was 18, the loss of every possession I had and my family home robbed me of my joy, and for a brief moment, my ability to walk. Months later, the loss of my father crippled my soul and redefined me in ways that, to this day, I cannot truly fathom.

There have been many moments when I didn’t understand why I was born. I was never picked first, never the leader, but always in the lead, resulting in a constant need to prove myself.

I was tall, skinny, goofy-looking, and never felt like I had any real friends until later in college.

To that end, I became partners with my college friends, building a program that would enable a phone to unlock itself based on the positioning of key points of the lock screensaver, which we sold. After exiting PicPac/MarCo and generating extraordinary personal wealth, I founded Venture Beyond to handle my unhealthy quest for more. Additionally, I founded a partner-funded nonprofit organization – an organization predicated not on money, but rather on creating value for people. The organization’s mission was to aid in the war on poverty at a community level – through education and youth development.

The Courtney Jordan Group provided cultural excursions, immersive edutainment camps, and education programs designed to address the overall edification of the individual, not just the mastery of a test.



Courtney Jordan and kids from the Courtney Jordan Foundation

I founded this organization to do good works, feeling obliged to keep with the tenets of my faith. Throughout my journey, I was always keen to remind myself and God of that fact. However, like Job, I failed to realize that good deeds alone were not what was asked; rather, a personal relationship with God was what truly mattered.

a Journey


Without purpose or community, my mind jumped to thoughts out of this world. I experienced the deaths of my sister and my father, being kidnapped and extorted. I went through heartbreak from the promise of love unfilled, felt the crushing weight of knives dug deep into my back by those closest to me, and was even put on life support. During that time, pain was amplified, and I endured torment in its highest forms, which transformed me into a bitter and miserable person. I became the villain of my own story. However, in truth, these moments were nothing but pitstops and potholes in my journey to wholeness, true peace, and joy. It is through my walk with God that I am able to be where I am now.

It was through this new relationship that things started to change for the better. I realized that my failures are my successes, and my successes fuel my purpose. In doing so, this villain has now become the hero.

I know firsthand that in the heat of the moment, light and hope can feel like distant destinations. At times, positivity can seem as elusive as the worst of days. But I am living proof that with a healthy curiosity about what could come, you can reach your destination. I’ve been counted out more times than I have been counted in, but I am here to tell you that you can and you will succeed.

God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world – C.S Lewis

Failure Births DESTINY