A guy from

North Carolina

Before Courtney Jordan became an award-winning entrepreneur and a prominent advocate for poverty prevention worldwide, he had his fair share of obstacles to overcome.

From dealing with a learning disability to enduring betrayal and abandonment, battling illness, and even cast as the villain in his own story, Jordan’s journey serves as a perfect example of how anyone can overcome life’s challenges and transform themselves into the hero they need most.

Fast forward a few years, and Jordan is now renowned as one of the most innovative investors globally. He has earned recognition among the London Power 100 and tours the world, empowering the forgotten.


to Your DREAMS!

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. – George Bernard Shaw

When the ball is in your court, take the shot. Failure is not the end; it’s preparation for what is meant to be.

You can't win

unless you lose.

Success rarely happens on the first attempt; practice often includes setbacks, much like in a sporting event. Defeat is an integral component of achieving victory in life. Don’t dwell on your losses or failures; celebrate them as steps toward ultimate triumph.